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Remote Teambuilding

Teambuilding for Remote Teams

Patchwork Adventures: Physical games played on videoconference for virtual teams to bond authentically

remote teambuilding games via skype/zoom/google hangout puppies not included

Is your organization struggling to build group cohesion with your globally distributed team?

Gr8er Good Games has the answer with our Patchwork Adventures. Specifically designed for today’s geographically decentralized workforce, our Remote games connect your distributed team members together in pursuit of a shared goal. Through the magic of the internet and the post office, remote teams work together to solve physical and mental puzzles, uncover hidden clues, and have lots of laughs along the way. Truly a unique way to build strong social bonds between team members who may never meet in person.

Remote teambuilding
Gr8er Good Games brought our remote team together for a playful, brain-stimulating, collaborative puzzle game. While we were excited beforehand, we were even more excited after we started playing the games. Shuai prepared a really fun series of creative problem-solving games for us that really brought our team together unlike before. While my team and I frequently see each other virtually over Zoom meetings we don’t really get the chance to hang out socially, and this gave us a chance to. Another cool piece of the experience was that it proved just how well we can communicate with each other. Amazing, really! In summation, I felt that this game brought our team closer together during this remote escape-room type of experience. I can’t wait to see more from this company!
— Danielle I
The event turned out really well, we all had a lot of fun playing the collaborative games on Zoom. I recall us all laughing several times. And we solved all the puzzles with only a little bit of help once or twice :)

If you’re looking for an escape the room type game for your virtual team, this might be the perfect experience!
— Nicole H