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Telemystery Boxes

Telemystery Boxes: Preorder for June, 2018 delivery

Telemystery Boxes: Preorder for June, 2018 delivery

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Our Telemystery Boxes are a mix between a party game and an escape room, designed to be played by remote teams via videoconference. 

Team Size:

We will contact you at the end of Feb. for the mailing addresses of all the players of your game. Each player will be mailed a package with various clues, puzzles, hints, games and a locked container. Once everyone recieves their telemystery box, teams should set up a time to play the game live on Zoom or Google Hangout.

From our Beta Testers:

Gr8er Good Games brought our remote team together for a playful, brain-stimulating, collaborative puzzle game. While we were excited beforehand, we were even more excited after we started playing the games. Shuai prepared a really fun series of creative problem-solving games for us that really brought our team together unlike before. While my team and I frequently see each other virtually over Zoom meetings we don’t really get the chance to hang out socially, and this gave us a chance to. Another cool piece of the experience was that it proved just how well we can communicate with each other. Amazing, really! In summation, I felt that this game brought our team closer together during this remote escape-room type of experience. I can’t wait to see more from this company!
— Danielle I.
The event turned out really well, we all had a lot of fun playing the collaborative games on Zoom. I recall us all laughing several times. And we solved all the puzzles with only a little bit of help once or twice :)

If you’re looking for an escape the room type game for your virtual team, this might be the perfect experience!
— Nicole H.