More and more companies are putting a higher focus on their company culture and team-building. But why? And what are the main benefits of team-building activities?


Because corporate team-building and team-bonding activities like the ones offered by Gr8er Good Games boosts staff happiness, increases connection among co-workers, and builds friendship and camaraderie in the workplace. This, in turn, helps your company's bottom line via:

Increase Employee Productivity.jpeg

Increase employee productivity

Employees are much more productive when they feel connected to their co-workers. When staff members enjoy going to work, when they see people they like every day, when they've built a community in the workplace, they are more productive.

Improve Communication and Collaboration.jpeg

Improve communication and collaboration

Through playing games that require communication and collaboration, team members can work out issues in a non-work environment. One of our previous teams mentioned that their communication was improved after playing our games because they "realize[d] how different we all think and to respect that more about each other when communicating".

Increase Employee Engagement.jpeg

Increase employee engagement

Disengaged employees cause US companies over $450 million annually in lost productivity. Happier, more connected employees are much more engaged in their work and spend less time surfing the web and scrolling through social media.

Increase Trust Psychological Safety.jpeg

Increase trust and psychological safety in the workplace

At the heart of all our team-building events is the goal of increasing trust and psychological safety. When employees "let down their hair" and play, their neurons release the neurotransmitters of dopamine and oxytocin. Dopamine is known to be associated with happiness and oxytocin is the neurotransmitter responsible for bonding, belonging and safety. By creating experiences where employees feel happy and connected, they start to learn to trust each other. Only through a safe and trusting relationship can great work teams thrive.

Decrease Employee Turnover.jpeg

Decrease employee turnover

Employee turnover costs their company approximately 20% of their annual salaries. Happier, more engaged staff members who feel like they belong are much less likely to look for other jobs.

Increase Company Profits And Decrease Expenses.jpeg

Increase company profits and decrease expenses

Friendships at work actually has a direct link to business results and company profits. Gallup recently released data that showed that having more employees who agree to this statement "I have a best friend at work" can increase company profits 12%, increase customer engagement 7% and also decrease safety incidents 36%.