I did the Random Acts of Kindness Race for my birthday - rallied a bunch of my friends to join my team. So glad I did it, couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my Sunday! Loved the serendipity and variety. And of course the puzzles! Learned a lot about SF and got that warm fuzzy feeling from contributing to society. :)
— Nicole G.

Birthday party scavenger hunts

Custom designed birthday scavenger hunts, where teams have to decode encrypted messages, find hidden actors and decipher clues about the special birthday person.

Just wanted to thank you and your team so much for making our retreat extra special. This was definitely a highlight of our time together.
— Sara F.

Spy Academy Birthday Game

Best for ages 8-12, the spy academy birthday scavenger hunt has teams completing challenges to get into a Spy Academy. They must show off their skills and work together, deciphering clues, solving mysteries and maneuvering through a maze. Codes might be revealed using UV light, secret decoder rings, or with the help of a Spy Academy teacher.


Fairy Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Best for ages 8-12, our Fairy Birthday Scavenger hunt has teams completing challenges to help the fairy princess find her friends and recover her fairy treasures. Follow the Unicorn’s steps to find fairy dust, dig under Gnome Grove to find her magical bangles, race through a jungle course in Jingle Town, solve puzzles at Butterfly Landing and more!

We did her kid birthday party scavenger hunt — AND IT WAS AWESOME. She gave the kids a good vibe, helped them do good, organized it well — and even the parents had fun. Try it! (This was for 4th graders.)
— Roy B.

The choice is yours

Choose from our list of incredible murder mysteries, scavenger hunts, challenge races, and escape-room-like experiences or we can custom design an event just for your group.